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Tips for Losing Weight on the Paleo Diet

Going on a Paleo diet is great decision for improving your health. In addition to that, it can make you more energetic and promote weight loss. Here are some useful strategies that will speed up your metabolism and drop those pounds faster.


  • Eat Simple Foods


Fresh Salad with Roasted Beef

Paleo diet offers eating food that will actually satisfy your hunger. Compared to other high-calorie diets that make you feel hungry most of the time, Paleo diet is a simple meal plan that keeps you satiated by consuming less food and thus, less calories. Simplifying your food implies choosing basic foods that are healthy – meat/fish protein, healthy fat, plenty of vegetables that aren’t starch, and carbs from fruit and root veggies.


  • Eat Enough of these Foods


The goal is not to starve yourself or feel hungry. There is a common misconception that reducing the amount of food consumed, is best for losing weight. This will cause you to prevent your body from getting essential nutrients and feel stressed and tired. Also, this will make your metabolism slow down, thus slowing down the weight loss process. Eating less than you should is just as bad as eating more while trying to lose weight.

Paleo diet offers natural reduction of consumed food, as you won’t need as much food as you usually eat on a regular American diet. You surely noticed that eating junk food like pizza or deep-fried foods etc, make you hungry very soon after eating. What’s more, you crave these foods even more. This will not happen on a Paleo diet.


  • Eat Carbohydrates as Needed to Maintain Your Activity Levels



People have different needs when it comes to consuming carbohydrates. Some people are able to eat very small amounts of carbs, while others need more. It depends on how much you exercise and what your daily activities are. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time sitting, you should reduce the intake of carbs. If you are exercising intensively, you will need more carbs.  

So the point is not to cut out carbs, because this can be counterproductive to weight loss. Many people make the same mistake by increasing the intensity of exercises and decreasing the intake of carbohydrates, thus causing more harm to their bodies than good.

The recommended amount of carbs for people who mostly sit and don’t exercise much, should be anywhere from 7 to 15 % of daily calories. If you are physically active most of the day and you haven’t found low-carb intake helpful in losing weight, try increasing the carb intake in the range 15 to 30 % of daily calories. This will boost your weight loss.


  • Try to Move as Much as You Can During the Day



If you sit at work, drive your car, and sit at home watching TV, chances are you’ll struggle to lose weight. So, change something in your daily routine to speed up your metabolism. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, go walking instead of driving your car, or make plenty of breaks if you work at the computer. Excessive sitting not only make you gain weight, but it also have a bunch of negative effects on your health and on top of that – it causes development of various chronic conditions.


  • Find Support


Changing your lifestyle and habits is never easy. It requires a lot of strength and persistence. You might remain motivated to lose weight more easily if you have support from others people in your environment, including your family, partner and friends.

If none of the people you know is on the Paleo diet, you will find tremendous help online. There are support groups, forums, sites – all dedicated to Paleo regime.


  • Change Your Diet and Activities – But Improve Your Entire Life


This is holistic approach that implies changing everything in your life with the aim of improving your whole life, including getting quality sleep because being sleep deprived makes you hungrier, or drinking enough water because often when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. Also, Cortisol production is increased when we don’t get enough sleep or are staring ourselves. There is also the social aspect of this way of life – people who are supported by others are more content, motivated and lose weight faster.